1. Associate Sales Manager for NYC office
    Experience : minimum 3 years +
    No of Vacancy : 1
    Job Profile :
    looking for sales associate to market and build our brands - having experience and connections with retailers and stores

    Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Design, Marketing, or a related field, plus 5 years of experience in fashion industry that includes knowledge of sale of textiles and fabrics. Proven experience of working with online retailers, such as,,, etc.

    Job duties include but are not limited to:
    • Provide sales leads and client feeds to Sales Manager
    • Continually collaborate with the General Manager, Embroidery to ensure efficient, cost effective, and profitable processing, execution, manufacturing, quality control, and delivery of all embellishment and embroidery orders
    • Arrange appointments and meet with clients to demonstrate samples, develop designs, and explain production processes, costs and timing
    • Arrange and provide assistance at client meetings when led by senior management personnel
    • Serve as a liaison with clients and outside vendors by introducing CHARISMA brand as a reliable supplier of embroidery products and services
    • Provide feedback to Sales and Management about current and upcoming trends and client requests
    • Coordinate with Office Administrator and Client Services Manager/Designer for technical customer requests
    • Advise CHARISMA on client’s credit standing in the market
    • Negotiate costs to maximize gross margin while maintaining competitive prices
    • Identify and contact potential textiles vendors to ensure a reliable vendor network
    • Maintain and update a diverse database of textiles vendors
    • Build strong vendor partnerships and assist Sales & Logistics Manager in negotiation of prices and credit terms
    • Collaborate with the foreign affiliate’s sourcing team to ensure textile vendor compliance with shipping and pricing policies
    • Coordinate with Logistics/Warehousing Coordinator for all incoming shipments
  2. Associate Designer / Client Services
    Experience : minimum 3 years
    No of Vacancy : 1
    Job Profile :
    Associate’s degree in Fashion Design, plus 1 year experience of client management and design in fashion industry, with demonstrated knowledge of fashion design, and fashion products and processes.

    Job duties include but are not limited to:
    • Perform various fashion design duties by utilizing Adobe software to design new swatches and products, such as veils, belts, headbands, etc.
    • Manage, maintain and track client orders
    • Provide customers with order status updates by serving as a point of contact with the Indian production team
    • Regularly meet with clients to receive and implement their comments, instructions, and technical input in product design and factory production
    • Forward all technical comments and instructions to the factory in India and ensure that they are implemented in production
    • Continually collaborate with the Senior Merchandiser and CAD Designer and their subordinates at the Foreign Affiliate to ensure procurements of appropriate materials and proper design execution
    • Maintain database of orders in order to coordinate timely delivery
    • Provide senior management with regular reporting on status of design development and order production
    • Identify trends and provide recommendations to develop new products
    • Continually educate self and sales on current and upcoming fashion trends, textiles, embroidery, luxury fashion markets, home textiles, and production processes and timelines
    • Develop and implement customer care procedures
    • Manage and mentor staff in regards to its interaction with clients for continuous feedback
    • Provide regular company-wide customer care training
    • Resolve customer satisfaction issues, if any
    • Continuously review website functions to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and confidentiality
    • Elevate website customer interaction issues to senior management for resolution
    • Maintain accountability for all inventory management with guidance from Sales & Logistics Manager, Sales Associates, and Logistics/Warehousing Coordinator
    • Manage, develop and supervise performance of Client Services Assistant
  3. Fashion Interns/Social Media interns
    Experience : any
    No of Vacancy : 1
    Job Profile :
    we are looking for fresh interns to help and assist in our day to day tasks, assist the office manager, sales, designer for all activities